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DCCRPG going Woke

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Ka'arl Sorcerer of Cha'alt:
I just watched the video "Maw of the Mike" where they talk about DCCRPG becoming more inclusive by changing all pronouns to they in not just all future products but going back through the entire back catalog as well to make changes to be more inclusive.

They want to be less inclusive in their games and only be for leftists that's fine by me, my friends and I can move on to a different game.

I saw that video too. Goodman Games just made it very easy to not buy any of their new products.

Another one bites the dust.

Not surprised. There's been small hints leading up to this.

It's a small change, and I'm not going to burn my copy of DCC over it. But it is a stupid change, and a prelude to a company becoming the kind of groveling shitheads who knock themselves out over activist demands at the cost of making decent RPGs.

If that's the worst thing they do, I can live with it. When they start changing the actual gameplay or apologize for their evil orcs, then I'll get worried.

Wrath of God:
Agree. Most of designers are leftist these days. But there is difference between that and WOKE.
Like in wishing to kill unWoke or make public statements about not needing unWoke money.


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