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Dark Sun as Iron Heroes?

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So, due to some home reorganization, I was in a position where my old dark sun boxed sets were right next to my pretty new Iron Heroes books.. and the idea struck!

Dark Sun would make a great alternate campaign world for Iron Heroes. the Psionic focus from Dark sun would have to be re-worked for IH, but I think it's doable.

anyone else think it's a good idea, or am I off my rocker here?

I think you might be on to something.

It certainly has promise...


ok, so what kind of psionics would be appropriate? Lifting the psi classes right out of the XPH wouldn't work, since they aren't balanced right for IH. I'm still worried about balance, since IH is so magic-item light.

An interesting problem.

Well, that's where you kind of got me stumped.  Both magic and psionics are very integral to the setting.


I think one of the problems with dark sun as a D&D setting is that magic should be rarer than it was. Defilers were scarey but rarer, and preservers were lumped in with all of them. Psionics, on the other hand, while it was integral to the setting, never played the full role that it was played up to, so it isn't as integral either.

the real grit (sand, grit, haha... yeah bad pun) of the setting comes from it's attitudes about magic - attitudes mirrored in IH almost perfectly.

Maybe some kind of lessened but "safe" psionics variant would fit into the setting better. hmm.. the templars have never really been as focused on magic as they are on the administrative details of a city-state.

I'm not adverse to changing the setting basics around a bit to suit IH better either, honestly, since I think the flavor would be really easy to maintain.

I'll ponder more...


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