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Xavier Lang:

--- Quote from: the ultimate nullifier ---Any ideas on the problem with zero level spells?

I think there are bunch of zero-level spells these guys should be able to cast to cover the "serving the community" part of the witch role (mid-wife, advisor, healer, love potions, etc) which include mending, detecting poison or magic, etc. . .

However, since they only get spells from domains, what do you think is the best way to handle with out changing how domains work.

One idea was that each spirit also grants access to 3 or 4 0-level spells.
--- End quote ---

1.  Via spiritual residue the shaman can do a few basic things, or 0-level spells
2.  Have 0-level spells granted by tiny/insignificant spirits that don't count towards the total or only count partially, such as 1 or 2 per level can be used without affecting your total.

Personally, I'd give them access to all cleric and druid 0-levels and give them X uses per day of them for free.  Tying them to spirits isn't a bad idea, but 0th level spells are just so minor that I think they should be able to cast them even without a spirit around.


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