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[D20 Modern] Need an idea for a campaign for kids

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Friend wants me to run a D20 modern campaign at his comic book store for the summer for some kids (12-15) that want to play. We've decided that it'll be stright Modern no magic etc. and kid friendly to satisfy the parents. So no cults with a blood fetish, I need an idea to start me to thinking, most of mine are in the PG-17 range at best.

Send 'em on a search for pirate treasure. Kids love pirate treasure. Watch Goonies.

Xavier Lang:
Quick Brainstorm

Summer Camp/Job in the wilderness -
  Hikes/events that end badly
  Games/Psuedo Olympics against each other or a rival camp  (Wargaming for kiddies)
  Dealing with idiot customers be they campers or younger kids if they are camp counselors.

Scavenger Hunt
  Bone from the junkyard/scary neighbor's dog without hurting dog
  Tea cup from the cranky old lady at the end of the lane
  Key to a business you shouldn't have
  Yearbook/diary from a popular person from school

Hmmm... maybe some sort of homage to Scooby Doo.

If you keep the "mysteries" inocuous enough, everyone should be happy.

Also, you get a chance to say "I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for you meddling kids!" a lot.


Kids focus and interest are often one level above their current level.  Make the characters in high school, or college if they tend more to 15 than 12.  Have a mystery or series of mysteries at their school.

Maybe make it an odd school, one for kids of spies.  Or, make it a special school fo rkids from all around the country who have been gathered together for unknown reasons - part of the mystery is the purpose of the school.  The school might be kids who have been tested for psychic or super power abilities, and start giving them low level powers as the progress.


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