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Cyberpunk-ish Feel?

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What do folks think is better for a cyberpunk feeling game?  Shadowrun?  Cyberpunk?  Others?  Thinking about picking up a book or two in this genre, but not sure where I should look.  I am interested in something with a Neuromancer by William Gibson feel or Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

Exmachina is easily the best Cyberpunk game ever made. Check it out.:D

I always liked Shadowrun, myself.

My husband prefers low or no magic for this type of setting, so he hates Shadowrun and greatly prefers Cyberpunk. But he hasn't touched it since second edition and neither one of us has seen 4th, so take it with a grain of salt.

Edit: By "it" I meant Shadowrun. But we haven't looked at Cyberpunk forever, either.

Thanks for the replies do far.  Shadowrun looks to be a little too high magic for the image I have in my head.  Ex Machina looks really cool though!

Does it play well mechanics wise?

yes, the mchanics are pretty good and the rules for the cyber are great.

you can check out the basic mechanics here:

It was a very nice forward on cyberpunk that covers what cyberpunk is, reading suggestions, and cyberpunk history.

Exmachina is better that Talsorians new Cyberpunk that was just released.


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