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Creature Concept Challenge #1

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Ottomsoh the Elderly:
Here I'm wanting to try something new. A bit like the creatures-by-poll and other one-step-at-a-time, but different.

The idea is to start from an oddity and then try to design concepts that would justify it. Submit your concept and, if you feel like it, you can suggest stats.

It could then go the CbP or OSaaT way to fully flesh out the creature.

Anyway, to start, I'll set the challenge to be:
Construct (Incorporeal, Living Construct)

Can you imagine a creature that would need this unlikely association of types and subtypes?


--- Quote from: Ottomsoh the Elderly ---Construct (Incorporeal, Living Construct)
--- End quote ---

(Pffft, too easy)

Wizards have long had to guard their vaults and chambers from those who could become intangible. Some of the more powerful have created "Scream Golems" that are created through vile necromancy, the destruction of a scream, and sacrificing a ghost.

This creature, while living, is still a mindless slave while the owner lives, although a dim intellect constantly strives to break free. Once the owner dies, the construct gains it's own life force by taking a portion of the creator's soul.

A "Scream Golem" is incorpreal, allowing it to pass through walls in order to quickly engage or retreat from opponents, as well as making it immune to many weapons and spells.

(Want another one? Maybe for Modern, even future?)

My thought was actually to have a construct that either was awakened or made as a living construct.  Then they were turned into a ghost.

I'm not even sure if you can have both the contruct template and undead template at the same time though.

How about a cheap one?

--- Quote ---During the war on Ebberron, many Warforged found themselves "seperated" from reality, made completely incorpreal, and forced to live out thier lives in this fashion. Many have become insane...
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: T-Willard ---How about a cheap one?
--- End quote ---

Source please?


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