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Coyote and Crow made sure to shame white people, now has regrets

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(The earlier Coyote and Crow discussion occurred here:
I took the forum’s hint to start a new post rather than raise that one from the dead)

Thanks to Tubesock fanboying C&L and keeping up with their website I found out that the creator is practically begging for white people to buy his game.

He went out of his way to make whites feel uncomfortable playing his game, but now he’s demanding they buy his game, and they’re racist if they don’t buy his game because they were made uncomfortable by his language that could only make whites uncomfortable if they took his words seriously. (Nevermind Latinos that his setting deliberately eliminates in order to set up his racially pure wankfest, since their existence would preclude the ideology of his game.) Now he says he shouldn’t have needed to write all those words instructing people how to play his RPG based on their race. Well, dude, no you shouldn’t have written those words to begin with, but you needed that sweet validation of virtue-signaling.

Get Woke Go Broke, nope, not buying his shit, not playing his shit, hell I wouldn't even pirate it (and pirating shit is a honorable and ancient tradition in México).

Not because I'm white (I am), not because I'm Latino (I am), not because he erased my kind from his world (He did), but because he's a fucking racist POS, just like I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole Varg Vikernes' myfarog for the exact same reason.

Jesus Christ! The condescending attitude on this POS!

Even when this guy is practically BEGGING people to play his game he still can't help himself from talking down to them and treat them like a piece of shit that should feel so lucky to be playing a game given to them by exalted indigenous people like a good "ally". And the guy just can't see how maybe droning on about CuLtUrAl ApPrOpRiAtIoN and constantly pontificating at people about what sort of shit they're allowed or not allowed to do based on their race might send mixed messages when it comes to whether or not white people should be playing a game where only "people of colour" are a character option.

--- Quote ---Okay, let me get into this. First, if you’re concerned that you shouldn’t be playing Coyote & Crow, it’s likely that you’re a white person and you’re worried that playing this game constitutes some form of cultural appropriation or that you would somehow misrepresent Indigenous people during your time playing the game.

I get that instinct. It likely comes from the fact that you’re trying to be an ally to Indigenous folks, probably to POC in general. You’re being “respectful.”

Except – you’re not. You’re not being respectful when you refuse to play Coyote & Crow for that reason. You’re not being an ally. You’re being a shitty person and frankly, you’re being a little racist. Feel free to gasp and fan yourself if you need to. When you’ve finished, please read on
--- End quote ---

If you play people from other races you're a racist! But if you don't play people from other races you're still a racist! Congrats! You're a racist. Now play my game, ya fucking racist!

Does this guy even have a game to coerce white people to play?  Put the book out and let the market decide if your game is any good. 

Seriously, where’s the game?


--- Quote from: Svenhelgrim on August 04, 2022, 11:27:39 PM ---Does this guy even have a game to coerce white people to play?  Put the book out and let the market decide if your game is any good. 

Seriously, where’s the game?

--- End quote ---

I've seen it at my local gaming store/pub. Flipped through it out of idle curiosity, and put it back on the shelf.

--- Quote from: Buy my book! ---And if you still can’t get past it? Just buy our game because you’re an “ally” and then put it on your shelf and never play it. That works too.
--- End quote ---

Sorry, duder. That's not how I roll. You gotta make a good game that I'm interested in.
I don't do anything out of being "an ally".


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