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Author Topic: Conflict Imminent...  (Read 243 times)

David R

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Conflict Imminent...
« on: December 07, 2006, 07:10:06 pm »
...or contribute a short genre neutral situation(s) the pcs may find themselves in.

The Set Up - The pcs for whatever reasons find refuge in a small out of the way place - an inn, bar, house whatever. There they find the inhabitants hospitable but tense. Questioning will lead only to terse comments of "it's a family matter". Investigation will uncover their sick child sleeping in a room upstairs.

The Real Deal - These hospitable folks are in reality, a group of professional kidnappers who have kidnaped the child, drugged her and are awaiting the arrival of transport to move her to another location (their original plans fucked up for some reason or another). If it's an inn or some other commercial enterprise they have eliminated the owners -posing as their victims - and are awaiting the arrival of their accomplices.

David R