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Author Topic: Chronicles of Afterlight - Science Fantasy Setting  (Read 76 times)


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Chronicles of Afterlight - Science Fantasy Setting
« on: October 08, 2020, 12:56:53 AM »
Setting overview-

Imagine the future. It is the year 2687 and life is perfect. Peace has reigned for the past 240 years. Colonization of the galaxy was ongoing. Humanity was practically ageless, had cured cancer, dementia, alzheimer's and thousands of other diseases and congenital defects. However even in this golden age of Humanity there was a festering darkness growing over the past millennia. And as the darkness grew, it began to corrupt humanity. The darkest acts were perpetrated in the name of evil daemonic gods. As the evil spread through human space society broke down and the collapse of civilization began. Then 20 years of slow collapse led to an apocalyptic event that wiped out 95% of life through Human Space. Terra with it's population of core world and colony world refugees suffered a madness that caused the psychic humans to lash out and destroy Terra. It is now 3,000 years later. Life has only started recovering into a Medieval tech level. The Kingdom of Texas rules the land with a firm grip and is pushing out into the Daemonic Hinterlands to the north and west. To the east lay the barbaric Tribal Confederation of Ameriga. To the south lies the Cult of Blood and clashes between Texas Rangers has been ongoing. And to the northwest lies the Technocracy of Latter Day Saints. The rest of life on the continent is unexplored and efforts to uncover the dangerous bases of Ancient Man have almost always ended in death.

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