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Chill 1e-style modules

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Yeti Spaghetti:
Any interest in backing a Kickstarter for Chill 1e-style gothic horror modules? I'll be launching one soon but I just wanted to see what the interest was on this forum.

By "in the style" of Chill 1e, I mean things like pre-generated characters, text-boxes, lots of art including a traditional painting for the cover. I'm hoping this old school style flies but you never know. The mechanics will be compatible with Chill and the OSR clone Cryptworld, but I'm being very generic with certain things. Therefore it will be marketed as a horror RPG module compatible with "old school" gothic horror percentile systems.

Anyway, would love to know if folks here are interested. Thanks for any feedback.

I’d definitely be down for some 3P Cryptworld stuff.

Yeti Spaghetti:
Thanks. If you'd like to follow along with my progress, there's this:

I'll be revealing my logo tomorrow, and maybe getting the Kickstarter pre-launch page up as well.

Greg Bruni:

What I liked about CHILL was that it kind of had a Call of Cthulhu vibe, with investigating monsters and supernatural, but without the "you are definitely going to DIE or go INSANE!" aspect.  I would be down for something like that.

I would be down for that too. Call of Cthulhu has eclipsed the horror ttrpg scene, so it’s nice to have something Hammer Horror. I would like to have something more in the vein of X-Files too like TSR’s old Tabloid! or Dark•Matter (which have aged poorly after 2012 came and went and The Weekly World News went out of business). Does Cryptworld approach anything like that or no?


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