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Chill 1e-style modules

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I was a big Chill fan but Shiver completely replaced Chill for me.

Yeti Spaghetti:
Yes, Chill and Cryptworld do X-Files very well. In fact that's the kind of campaign I've been running for a year now, paranormal investigations and monster hunting.

Chill 1e was Hammer Horror when it came to the gothic stuff that it used to promote itself in 1984, but most of their adventure modules were set in the modern-day and were essentially X-Files before X-Files. Cryptworld, like Chill, reached back to an earlier era for its core book with an 80s monster/sci-fi movie vibe. But again, most of the support for the game assumes a modern-day setting. In fact the only Cryptworld adventures so far that evoke anything other than modern day are the "Creepy Comic Conversion" mini adventures.

Kolchak is also a big inspiration for Cryptworld (and probably was for Pacesetter's Chill, although, again, it had more of a Dark Shadows gothic vibe in the rulebook).

For Fright Night Classics, I will start out with modern day adventures and eventually branch out into historical scenarios, medieval, ancient, etc. What I'm really going for to start the series is modern-day with old school RPG style. So, some of the great horror and fantasy RPG covers are what I would like to replicate, along with abundant interior art and pre-generated characters, similar to what the Chill 1e modules had. That's why I'll be working with the great painter Frank Ordaz for my first cover. While it will be his RPG debut, I'm really confident that he'll strike that old-school chord with a beautiful, rich cover painting.

Our first cover might also evoke sort of a 80s/90s pulp/teen horror vibe, like the "Fear Street" book covers. Our second module cover will definitely be more pulpy with more of an old school horror comic style.

The adventures will not be as long as the Chill 1e modules, but they will have maps, handouts, and pre-gens.

Feel free to follow along! Thanks for any support you can offer.

Yeti Spaghetti:
By the way I'm also sharing updates on Twitter now:


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