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Author Topic: Brainstorming: castle infiltration  (Read 262 times)


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Brainstorming: castle infiltration
« on: June 21, 2006, 10:57:30 am »
[wish I could edit my brain-deadness when titling the thread. This isn't a castle.]

This weekend, I'm running a session in a sporadically running campaign. The group acts as agents (level 4) for a local spy master in a fairly feudal area currently undergoing some conflicts over possible succession and religious turmoil combined. To further complicate things, I've been working over a switch to True20 and want to introduce the players to the system.

At the same time, I'm kind of bored with my set up. A foreign religious leader who is into necromancy has set up in a manor house that possibly threatens a major road. He has a major magic item that makes an area invisible to scrying, which makes the spy master nervous enough to send the group to investigate the place. He probably also has a set of guards (I'm thinking about a dozen or so), and could control up to 32 minor undead (which I've souped up slightly, giving them some fear effects).

So: I've got a small farming/fishing village with a manor house (not a major fortification). I've got a necromantic priest staying in the house of a hostile noble. There are obvious plot lines, but I wonder if anyone could help me gt more creative on this one?

Final complication: I'd like to incorporate some combat and other mechanics-related stuff to try out the new system, and it needs to stay reasonably within one session (since it may be several weeks before I run this again).

I'll answer questions if people have them.
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