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Best RPG List for 2021 Version (Lulu Sales)


It looks like Lulu is running a 30% off (no free shipping though) sale. I don't think there's been an updated list of good games on Lulu. Any recommendations?

Zozer Games. I picked up a hardcopy of Colony Builder for Orbital 2100 / Cepheus Engine a few weeks ago, which is quite good for figuring out what a colony should have (and how to build one from 'cost.'

Haven't seen a 30% off Lulu coupon for a long time.

I'm very out of date when it comes to Lulu, but I highly recommend Fight On!

Crusader X:
I'm probably going to finally pick up the two Anomalous Subsurface Environment adventures in print.

I also may pick up The Treasure Vaults of Zabadad, an OSR hexcrawl that I've heard good things about.  Its a bit expensive at $24 for 64 pages, but that 30% discount will help.

You can get the entire run of Fight On fanzine on LULU. They are fantastic.

Picked up both of the Stonehell books during the sale. Thanks for posting this!


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