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Best Medieval Knight RPG that isn't D&D?

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Hi Folks -

I am looking for a good Medieval Knight RPG for my nephew for Christmas. He's pretty experienced with roleplaying and likes old school games somewhat. I've done some basic searching online, but my Google Fu isn't what it used to be. Now before Pundit jumps in here with Lion & Dragon, I wanted to get people's feedback on some of the classics:

Chivalry & Sorcery
GURPS - Camelot, etc.

What other good options are out there for a classic medieval chivalric knight type rpg out there? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Pendragon and C&C get mentioned alot as really good for that style.

And oddly enough, consider checking out two 2e D&D books from their Historical conversion line.
The first is HR2 - Charlemagne's Paladins. Set in the Dark Ages. Human only. This one is iffy as to being the right style. But still a well thought out approach.
The second and more likely what you are looking for is HR7 - Crusades. Also human only and set of course during the Crusades. Also well thought out.

Also if can find a copy, there is Grail Quest for TFT. Playable solo, 2 player or multi with a DM.

If Pendragon might be of interest, there's also Paladin, which is a recent book in very much the same style but set in France in the late 8th century: Runequest-type mechanics, all players are Christian knights, male by default, looking for multi-generational success. It takes a lot of cues from the French legends rather than the British ones, and like Pendragon starts in the Dark Ages but compresses several hundred years of technological & social change into about a century so that if you run a full campaign it feels late medieval by the end.

Female player-characters are GM optional, and it's also GM decision whether they're generated using the rules for men or for women: different stat ranges, different starting skills, including significantly less skill with weapons.

David Johansen:
One thing I like about Chivalry and Sorcery is that knights are objectively the best fighters.  If you want a game to focus on knights that's a good way to get there.

The Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying game gives knights their own Hand To Hand Combat skill that is better than the Mercenary Fighter or Soldier get.

GURPS does knights fairly well and has a decent sourcebook on medieval England but you've always got a big points sink in the form of status, wealth, and legal enforcement powers (at 15 points for the ability to beat up peasants with impunity)  so non-noble fighters will generally dominate combat.

There was an rpg called Lion Heart that was about the middle ages, I think it was by Columbia Games, like Harn, but medieval.

My The Arcane Confabulation rules have a knight career but don't really get too into medieval culture and such.

Wrath of God:
But what do you really expect? I get what's theme you desire... but something more maybe?
I personally don't think any edition of D&D was really Medieval Knight RPG neither historical nor legendary. But that's also another question - do you want authentic medieval simulation or Knights of Round Table? Real or mythical?


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