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BAIZUO (pazio) Going Union! The beginning of the end!?

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So the shrieking dogs finally caught the car and have their jaws locked to the bumper.

Well... reality will set in, and of course by that time it will be too late.

Shrieking Banshee:
Nothing against unions as long as its smart realistic people asking for the proper compensation at the right time in the market.

Paizo in its uncertain finacnial straits and market position needs very smart people advocating for unions. Sadly their workforce is mostly idiots.


Baizuo is unionizing now?

*Laughing* What a bunch of idiots. Fucking cock-sucking Marxists, too. I hope they do run the company into the ground. Dig, dig, dig. Pay out huge, fat salaries to fat-ass morons that sit in their fucking cubicles doing much of nothing during a workday. Big, fat salaries to the giggling women employees that spend much of their time going to the fucking bathroom every 20 minutes, and having gossip circles at the water cooler.

So efficient! But, it will be even more of a progressive paradise as it gradually slithers further into the sewer.

Semper Fidelis,


We should start a bankruptcy pool.


--- Quote from: Jaeger on October 14, 2021, 05:21:54 PM ---
--- Quote from: oggsmash on October 14, 2021, 05:05:33 PM ---Pinkertons shooting coal miners is one thing, but I do wonder what horrible injustices the worker at paizo must undergo to feel the need for a union.  I guess being great at your job and getting paid well is less important than being protected by the collective?

--- End quote ---

In their defense, I believe Price is more or less correct on how the Gammas that run Baizuo actually treat and pay their employee's.

Of course given their culture/politics; If successful, they will promptly run Baizuo into the ground with their crazy union...

--- End quote ---

  Well....I think they had a whole song and movie about that whole situation.  "Take this job and shove it".  If you work for a bad boss and stay in a job that pays you poorly, that is on you IMO.


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