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Author Topic: BAIZUO (pazio) Going Union! The beginning of the end!?  (Read 11344 times)


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Re: BAIZUO (pazio) Going Union! The beginning of the end!?
« Reply #135 on: October 25, 2021, 07:47:01 PM »
Is there a reason that Baizou, or Paizo or Pizza-Pie has to locate in Seattle, paying City of Seattle taxes and prices?  They're only a few dozen people in an office, with the majority of their staff able to telecommute, post-Covid.
They don't need rail access, port access or super-heavy industry. They could rent generic office space somewhere cheaper, a little further out from Seattle. Maybe as far south on I-5 as Vancouver, which would definitely be cheaper.

Actually, there is a reason, but not a particularly good one (anymore).  Paizo was started by Dungeon/Dragon magazine staff members who took on publishing those magazines* as a separate company after Wizards bought out TSR.  At that point, the management lived in the area so it made sense (at the time) for them to stay, for no other reason than to keep in close contact w/ their partners at Wizards.
*And, giving credit where it's due, they did a damn fine job of it

That said, there's no reason that, given advances in telecommunications, they couldn't have relocated to a city with a much lower cost of living ages ago.