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Title: Back in the Old School
Post by: David R on May 22, 2006, 10:56:52 PM
Right. After much deliberation and a few weeks of Feng Shui, I have decided to run a campaign using the Classic Known World Gazetteers as the setting  and Castle & Crusades as the system.

Now I've heard a lot of things about C&C. What I want to know esp from people who use the system - is there any bugbears in the system that I should be aware off ? Also can I easily intergrate the system with the CKW setting? I'm using all the gazetteers so they will be a lot of stuff to modify.

I'm not going to make any major changes to the setting except when it comes to modifying it to fit the C&C rules. So has anyone ever used these gazetteers before in this way before? I have most of them but never had the chance to use them...although I remember liking what I read.

It's been many years since I ran a trad fantasy campaign so is there anything I should keep in mind when running something like this? I going for a black and white, good vs evil  epic scope. Characters would start off at first level and work their way to immortalhood...maybe.

I really do not want to change much of the setting. I will of course design my own campaign so, are there any modules/adventures(D&D or anything else) that are online that I could use? My group likes a good mix of role playing and combat.

I know I'm on a major nostalgia high here, so comments are wellcome. I think I may need a good dose of reality, esp when it comes to the system and setting :)

David R