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Any opinions on Prime Directive?


I know the first edition long ago was meh.  Has anyone tried either Gurps or D20 Prime Directive?  If so, any opinions on how it plays?  What stuff is included?

1st ed pretty much only allowed you to play an elite marine squad on a ship.  Have they expanded the options?

I know that the Steves at ADB aren't roleplayers, so Prime Directive doesn't have a reality check at the top as much as their other stuff does.  I think that's part of why 1st ed was odd.

I have the D20 edition, and while it lets you play a variety of characters from various Federation races it's still a middling product.  The D20 stats are goofy for the races, and that was enough to turn me off to the product in general.  There are several editing mistakes that made it even worse in my mind.  In all honesty, if you want good Star Trek action, I would pick up a copy of Decipher's (?) Star Trek game.  It plays similar to D20 in some regards and is and overall better product.


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