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Author Topic: Taverns & Inns  (Read 2221 times)


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Taverns & Inns
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2006, 10:47:32 AM »
Okay - mine will be completely sexist and probably very adolescent, but it's something my wife would never let me put in one of our games and get away with it... so here it is...

The Cat's Meow

In a seedy corner of a warehouse district, just ashore - a favorite for sailors and seamen - sits this two-story building.  From the outside you'd only know it's a business from the sign that hangs above the door.

When you enter, you're treated to a sexy woman hostess who escorts you to your table.  You quickly notice that she's not the only one dressed as she is... all the servers dress alike: formfitting black leather from neck to toe - all the way to fingertip.  A tail like a cat's moves from side to side as they walk - maybe it's costume ingenuity - maybe it's magic.  It's imipossible to see where the seams are, how they're put on.  They are designed to compliment their bodies to the fullest.  You have your seat and place your order.

Once each hour or so - a stage curtain opens and you're treated to a bard with a mandolin and one of the servers dancing to entertain... and few people can take their eyes off of that.

It's up to individual gaming style, but rumors say that the food isn't the only thing on the menu...  [long pause for you to have a mental fantasy] ...just don't visit on a full moon because all the servers, along with the owner, are wereleopards.  When they change, it's a bloodbath that rivals all others, with unsuspecting sailors becoming the main course.  Noone has ever walked away from the tavern after a full-moon night.  The owner has a hidden cove where he docks ships that have no more crew.  He loots the ships for decor for his tavern.
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