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An important notice on political threads in the main forum

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--- Quote from: Mistwell on June 26, 2020, 12:15:35 AM ---
--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1136350 ---
The USA and UK are an utter shitshow right now and the culture war / political war has exploded full force in the hobby. Pundy, its bad in ways you don't know from watching TV and the internet. Many of us have crazy shit happening in our neighborhoods, in our families and in our companies. I've seen the craziest shit in my life going down in the last few months.
--- End quote ---

And wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you don't get bombarded with that shit, and can just talk about stuff that makes us happy?

--- End quote ---

And wouldn't it be nice to wake up and find a pot of gold left on your doorstep left by friendly leprechauns?

The damned woke want it all. Read that a hundred times- THE DAMNED WOKE WANT IT ALL. If they got to put cameras in every house to make sure people play woke approved games they'll do it.

And Pundit getting banned from this place seems to be getting near levels. Didn't you say years ago something about not just banning people?


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