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An important notice on political threads in the main forum

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I am old enough to remember the time when every RPG company was not desperately shoving all their political nonsense into their RPGs.

[rant]No, I am not donating to your latest pet project.

No, I am not changing my world because you suddenly think Orcs are racist.

No, I am not going to change my murder hoboing ways because you think that everyone should be getting their XPs from sitting around singing kumbaya.

No, I dont care if you think there is racism in my game, you look after your game and make it as milk toast as you want.

Just fucking no, you fucks.


--- Quote from: Mistwell;1136385 ---Why are "recent statements by WOTC" things you put in the category of "stuff that makes us happy"?
--- End quote ---

I put RPGs and games in general in the category of stuff that makes me happy. WOTC makes RPGs and card games. They are not only making statements but changing their product based on current events.

--- Quote ---It's an RPG board. Not a stock discussion board where we talk about public statements of corporations. Why can't we talk about the actual fucking games more, and the thoughts of the people who work for game companies about companies less?
--- End quote ---

It never ceases to amuse me that there are people bitching about RPG threads on topics they don't like, when they could be participating in the threads they do like.

Let me hold your hand and get you started.

That's just the first page, and not even all of it.


--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1136350 ---Are you okay with us discussing the same politicized RPG topic on your forum?

--- End quote ---

If people want to talk about a political subject on the RPGPundit's forum, they can try to post it, and if it's of interest to me I'll allow it. There's no reason to duplicate the thread.


--- Quote from: Sable Wyvern;1136371 ---Hey Pundit, if you want less politics in this forum, maybe don't include politics in every thread you start here?

--- End quote ---

I want the discussion on this forum to stick to the subject of RPGs, including the politics of RPGs.


--- Quote from: RPGPundit;1136391 ---If people want to talk about a political subject on the RPGPundit's forum, they can try to post it, and if it's of interest to me I'll allow it. There's no reason to duplicate the thread.
--- End quote ---

The reason to duplicate the thread would be to discuss the political aspects of a certain RPG hobby issue that you don't want discussed on the main forum.

AKA, the GunMetal thread is about the author deleting a chapter about cops from his cyberpunk Kickstarter because the author is shitting himself over BLM idiocy. As I understand your current decision, people couldn't discuss the BLM idiocy part of the author's reasoning. Thus, we'd need to open a thread in your forum to discuss that half (or more) of the RPG hobby issue because its most certainly going to be political.

--- Quote from: Mistwell;1136386 ---It's you bitching about Pundit asking people to stop finding excuses to peddle their political messages, remember?
--- End quote ---

I'm not bitching about Pundit's decision. I want clarification because I don't understand how it works and what the parameters are for what is acceptable in the main forum regarding a "politics in the RPG hobby" topics.

--- Quote from: Mistwell;1136386 ---You have the free will to continue to rage about SJWs in general and then get permanently banned (he's warned you more than once).
--- End quote ---


Do you think for one fucking second that I care if I'm permanently banned or not?

Do you think that I am going to somehow bend? Are you fucking kicking me?

I've got a LONG history of burning bridges and not giving a damn.

I will say whatever I will say.

RPGPundit will do whatever RPGPundit does.

I like Pundy, but getting banned would just mean my damn RPG gets done faster!


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