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Aims of the SWINE army


Well, I logged into Nutkinland last night, and saw that I'd been made mod of a new forum.  I made a couple of posts and am overall tickled at this development.  But I've had a bit to think, and a list of what this forum should be about in my opinion might be a good thing.  Anyway, I see three main functions of this forum.

1) Making fun of the Punditheads  RPGPundit and his delusions of a grand conspiracy of gaming to turn it into an artistic endeavor instead of entertainment I find hilarious, and worthy of mockery.

2) Actual discussion of theory  I for one like theory discussions, so long as they don't turn into masturbation sessions.  Talking about what makes games tick can be fun and enlightening.  And theory threads bug the shit out of some people, so they can toss them all in here.  That said,

3) Making fun of theorists  There's a tendency for some theorists to take themselves too seriously.  So let's poke at these wanks, maybe they'll remember to lighten up.   You're pretending to be some gay-ass elf, it isn't that cool.  

Now there could be some confusion, so if you're trying to have a serious theory discussion and someone starts making fun, be sure to PM me with the post in question.  Because odds are you're being a humorless cunt and I don't want to miss that action.

We're here at the pleasure of the Nutkins, let's give them something entertaining.  :D


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