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AEG does PDF's at last.

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AEG is selling PDF's at last throught

Although all the Spycraft stuff that was up there has already come down, although checking the forums it is planned for later.

There is L5R (including the new Four Winds book), Swashbuckling and their D20 books, and Farscape.

Interesting. Having a pdf of Toolbox could be useful.

WTF!!!  The price for some of those damn pdf's is as much as it is for the real book.  What happened to $5-8 for a pdf of a product.  :mad:

Guest (Deleted):
They can't undercut the brick and mortar stores.

Maximum Fu:

--- Quote from: Pooka ---They can't undercut the brick and mortar stores.
--- End quote ---

They can't as in "they cannot reduce their price points below those of the brick and mortars?" or as in "they won't screw over the brick and mortar stores that carry their print products?"

I'm assuming you meant the latter as the former seems a bit difficult to believe.


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