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If you want to advertise with us, the first step is to contact us, which you can do either by getting in touch with me directly, or by clicking the "advertise with us" link right under the banner.

Then after payment you will send a banner to Brett, and it'll be put up on the site for the allotted time. We reserve the right not to accept a banner that has offensive material, and banners much fit the specifications required by the site.

Costs are $30 per month, or $150 for six months (basically pay for five and get one month free).

Additional info: This site has over 2000 registered active members, we get an average of 724,000 hits a month, with about 25,000 unique IPs in May 2009. This site also has a bot-blocker in place which guarantees that a much greater number of impressions for your banner will not be wasted then on other sites, where no differentiation is made between users, guests, and bots.

Unlike other sites, this site consists pretty well exclusively of gamers, who come here for gaming talk (not "Tangential" talk), and who have an emphasis on enjoying both regular "mainstream" rpgs, "old school" RPGs, D&D in all its edition, and more unorthodox RPGs.  Your banner doesn't necessarily have to be about RPGs, if you want to advertise something else you can, if you think it will be profitable for you. However, again, we reserve the right to reject a banner ad for any reason.

So buy a banner if you think, given those factors, that it'll work for you; or if you just really like me or this site and want to give something back. Of course I hope that its productive for anyone who does buy advertising, but there are never any guarantees.


PS: If you have any doubts or questions please feel free to PM me and I will gladly respond. This thread is closed to avoid trolling.

Oh yeah, and there are a limited number of slots available; so please get in touch with us soon!


To update the stats on this thread, for interested advertisers, we now have increased to have about 800,000 hits a month and 30,000 distinct IPs.

Also, we now have over 3700 registered members.  That's 1700 new members in the last year and a half or so.


To update this, we now have 5700 members. That's about another 1000 new members a year for the last two years.

Our distinct IPs and overall hits have grown appropriately. We've been gaining in popularity even as the other major rpg forums have diminished.


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