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Ok, this thread is closed. Too many dishonest asshole trolls on this site.

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Ok, this thread is closed. Too many dishonest asshole trolls on this site.

I am very bad at interfaces and forums.  I don't know how to edit things. 

Well that was quite the cri de coeur.  :) Welcome to theRPGSite, DeadVerySoon!  :D

The way to edit your posts is:
on your own posts (such as these ones) look for a diamond paper with pencil icon. The one towards the upper right will say 'Modify' near it. The other one id the same icon on the bottom right of your post (but above your signature, e.g. the two quotes I have in my post are a signature). Hope that helps!

As for Tollenkar's Layer, never played that. But looking at the link it appears to be a 6 level dungeon running on SJG The Fantasy Trip rpg, and a very lethal and challenging one at that. I am more familiar with D&D myself, but can imagine it being a great game as SJG and The Fantasy Trip both have good reputations!

:) The secret to friendship I have found is hugging tightly with arms wide open. Yes, a seeming zen koan, a contradiction.  ;D It means to be exposed, care, be interested in their life -- not hold the person against their will or push them away. Everyone's favorite topic is themselves and listening to their story is the key to their hearts.

I'd play or run a game with you.  8) Unfortunately in an age of Covid it is hard, and I am not too good with modern teleconferencing (remote meeting) tools. And Play by Post really is a very different animal compared to actual in-person play. Discord however is a simpler application younger people have informed me.

Let us explore what you would like to play as and do in a dungeon adventure game in this topic! If you want the full D&D experience, let's use that. We can choose a race and then a class straight out, or we can let the dice & fate decide our class. Which would you prefer?  :)

Trolls.  A forum full of cunts who want to have their little CLIQUE and drive off any newcomer.  May you all rot in your little fucked up sewer.

Jam The MF:
Good luck with your game.

I agree.  Gygax ripped off Arneson's ideas.  He also further developed them.  We probably would have never learned about Arneson's ideas, had it not been for Gygax.

I hope you get a game going, and go kill some monsters.


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