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A Revival To A Venision-Flavoured Dark Cloud


Zachary The First:
My friends,
The last thing I wish to do is alarm you, but an evil we thought wiped out is again rearing its ugly antlered head.  In this thread, Levi Kornelsen, sometime moderator from The Purple Site, well-known purveyor of "theory", and possible alleged devotee of the Shaker sect, has taken up a chilling cry we know all too well:

--- Quote ---
Ah, the times we live in! Let us give praise to one another for these marvelous happenings, and hail the magic deer!

--- End quote ---

To all freedom-loving peoples of the gaming world, who still have nightmares of being marched into Magical Deer "Happiness Enforcement Camps", of brother turning against brother, denouncing one another as homophobic or closet cases for not bending knee to the Antlers of Tyrrany.
We cannot allow this vile sect to rise again.  Yet, before we beat ploughshare into sword and rise from our parent's basements to do battle, I will bring forth one last warning, as spoken in the immortal words of one of our earliest Pundits, Patrick Henry of Virginia:

--- Quote ---
Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell; and The Despotic Magical Deer ["Treason!" cried the Swine] — may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it.

--- End quote ---

You have been warned.  We will not suffer herbivorous decadence and cruelty lightly.  We are the viper your hooves fear to tread upon.

Down with the magic deer, and his magic flower-stick too. Power to the people!



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