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Eric Diaz:
My contribution: the Dungeonborn

Click here to get more images, inspirations and 5e-looking PDF.



You were born and raised into the depths of a huge castle, dungeon or tunnel complex. You have lacked nothing - you slept in fine linen, studied in huge libraries, and there was always a friendly hand to feed you. Whose hand is that, you don’t quite know – maybe a servant of your ancient family, or some forgotten creature or undead. You have never seen much of the world outside the walls (or maybe not even the light of the sun), or talked to common people, although you know they do exist somewhere. When you finally got out, you felt alienated from everybody, but also curious and eager to explore.

Inside & out
Why were you kept inside? Who raised you? You can create your own story with your GM or roll in the table below. You might also choose to not know all details beforehand, and find them out during play. Likewise, think of how you got out (did you escaped, reach maturity and was left to fend for yourself, walked away when all servants disappeared, was expelled, rescued by other PC’s), unless the adventure starts while you’re still inside.

1. I was a bastard unwanted by my highborn parents, kept secret to avoid shame.
2. I was abandoned and raised by benevolent spirits.
3. My caretakers were overprotective to the point of insanity, although I didn’t realize that.
4. I was kidnapped by a maniac and protected by another prisoner.
5. I was part of a doomsday cult that tough the world had ended.
6. The usurpers took my titles, but wouldn’t dare to kill me.
7. My parents were imprisoned and killed by underground creatures that took pity on me.
8. I am a child of the undead or inhuman – I should never be living in the first place!

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History.
Languages: Two of your choice.
Equipment: fancy and peculiar clothes, a lantern, a necklace with two old portraits (your parents?), 25 gp.

Feature: Born in the Darkness
You are used to move in the darkness, and you can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if were bright light. You also have an instinctive sense that tells you of the existence of any secret doors or passageways within most buildings, as well as the purpose of most rooms.

Variant feature: Forgotten lore
You have acquired a huge volume of curious forgotten lore. Even when you do not know a particular piece of information, you often know some ancient and relevant trivia related to it. You might not know a particular noble, for examples, but would have heard about his ancestors or past landowners.

Suggested Characteristics
Darkness and isolation leave permanent marks on the dungeonborn. Whether curious about their own origins or eager to get away from them, they are still quite alien and ignorant of common people’s customs and manners. They can be shy, strange and socially inept, or adorable in their exotic naiveté.

Personality trait
1. I lack social skills and often commit innocent but embarrassing faux pas.
2. I am shy and get embarrassed when dealing with extroverted people.
3. I am eager to make new friends and treat everyone I find as a potential ally.
4. I am extremely curious about the outside world and marvel at the simplest things.
5. I am dismissive of people with little or no book learning.
6. I constantly quote from forgotten books that no one else has read, expecting to be immediately understood.
7. I do not know how to deal with money.
8. I am incredibly patient and think long–term in most of my actions.

1. Freedom. No one should be forced to live in a prison of any kind (Chaotic).
2. Knowledge. I must learn as much as I can from this huge, strange world (Neutral).
3. People. Most people are inherently good and should be treated as such (Good).
4. Traditions. I must keep the traditions of my family, no matter how the world sees them (Lawful).
5. Power. I will show this degenerate, ignorant people that they should do as I say (Evil).
6. Self-knowledge. I must find where I came from and what I can become (any).

1. I am the last heir to my family and I must protect their good name.
2. These people are my first friends and I must treasure them forever.
3. I is my duty to maintain my lands and castle.
4. This picture is the only remainder of my ancestors, I shall never lose it.
5. I will take revenge against the ones who imprisoned me.
6. I will return to the castle one day, and make it a better place.

1. I look down on the ignorant masses.
2. I cannot trust anyone.
3. I was imprisoned by my own fault and want to keep it a secret.
4. I am vengeful and cannot forgive an insult.
5. I am oblivious to other peoples’ feelings.
6. I believe everyone should pay attention to my needs.
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Not much of a forum person and I see this post is rather old. Nonetheless I saw an organizational need!  This thread is still one of the top searches in google, so I'm guessing I won't be the only one to find the below handy.  

I have compiled a list of the backgrounds either posted or linked in alphabetical order (and as possible linking directly to the source) in this google sheet.  Should any more be added, I'll attempt to update this post to provide an index.  Hopefully this helps!
Current List of backgrounds:
[*]Acolyte of the Ancestors
[*]Adventurer's Whelp
[*]Animist Acolyte
[*]Dock Worker
[*]Field Analyst
[*]Folk Hero
[*]Hermit/Acolyte Variant
[*]Noble: Ronin (Samurai)
[*]Relic Hunter
[*]Rokugani Samurai
[*]Sage Variant
[*]Search and Rescue Inferus Trooper
[*]Shaman [Medicine Man, Witchdoctor]
[*]Sole Survivor
[*]Town Guard
[*]Village Idiot
[*]War Hardened
[*]Winter Soldier

I really like the Slaver, which could be used as "House Servant" as well, though maybe  change skill Suvival to Stealth, as a House Servant doesn't have to worry too much about survival, things are provided (as meager as they may be).

House Servant
Either by birth, indentured servitude you work in the house of another, having picked up the ability to be at the ready hand to serve a refresh of a drink or pick up after the masters. But you have also learned not to be seen at the same, blending in with the background noise.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Cook’s utensils (or similar tool used at the household)
Languages: Two of your choice (regional)

Feature: Passive Presence
As long as you appear appropriately in a position of a servant, you gain Advantage to any Charisma checks involving Deception, Persuasion, or Blending into a Crowd.

Vagabond (Alternative)

You have spent your life wandering from place to place without a home or job.

Skill Proficiencies: Survival, History
Tool Proficiencies: Hobo Bundle (see below)
Languages: select one from your travels

Equipment: The Hobo Bundle is a bundle of what would appear to many to be junk. It consists of bits of string, sticks, old nails, perhaps the off horseshoe, or scrap of material. Basically anything that the Vagabond can scrounge, scavenge or find along their trip. If at any point the Vagabond needs a piece of equipment for a particular job or task that would require a small tool or item they can make a Wisdom check against their bundle. A success means that they find a suitable scavenged tool for the job. The tool gets a -2 penalty for any checks but is otherwise a suitable replacement. Aside from this the Vagabond starts with no equipment and no funds.
Advanced option – if you wish you can track the number of uses of the Bundle as “charges”. The base bundle has 20 “charges” and you can regain 1d6 “charges” for each hour spent foraging.

Feature: The Vagabond knows "the rules of the road".
Use 1(History): Oh I’ve Heard of this place - This means that they can make a Wisdom check when they come to any that other vagabonds are like to frequent (so yes to a ruin in a forest but no to an underground dungeon) location to learn a useful “fact’ about it. The facts might not always be true, they might just be rumours but they might include the entry tot eh city through the underground sewers, the fact that a troll lives under this bridge etc.
Use 2(Survival): Waymarks – vagabonds can leave marks made from sticks, mud or chalk that act as a secret language others with the background , or some training, can follow. The range of marks is too large to list but can basically make any 2 word phrase. The marks are usually transitory and last for a couple of days but they could be carved on a rock face or made permanent. It takes 1 action to make a waymark and the action can be concealed with a successful Dex Check.

Original Created By: Jiobbajibba

I just posted 2 backgrounds:
Please let me know what you think of these


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