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--- Quote from: Terateuthis;780805 ---JUSTICIAR

You know the law. In many cases, you are the law. Having served as a deputy, sheriff, reeve, attorney, magistrate, perhaps even consulting detective, you know how to investigate crimes as well as how to interpret, argue, and, when necessary, enforce the laws of a community or jurisdiction. Depending on the powers vested in you, you serve as investigator, judge, jury, and - when the situation demands - executioner.
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Investigation
Tool Proficiencies: legal codex*
Languages: choose Celestial or Infernal
Feature: Law Enforcement
If you stay in a community for longer than a week, you come to understand enough of its laws and customs to make you eligible for a position in its legal system. Whether the ruling powers agree to deputize you depends on them. As a licensed marshal, you gain whatever enforcement and adjudication powers the rulers and the community's laws decree, and you can deputize companions fit to aid you in your task. Even as an unlicensed vigilante or consulting detective for hire, you know enough of the letter of the law to make a compelling case before a judge.
* New Tool: Legal Codex (price and weight as book)
If you are proficient in legal codices and possess the appropriate legal codex for a given jurisdiction, you may add your proficiency bonus when interacting in an official capacity with agents of the law or when arguing points of law with anyone in the jurisdiction. This includes criminal and civil trials.
[*]I'm affable and easy-going, even when taking down the bad guys.
[*]I'm intense and watchful, seeing potential trouble everywhere.
[*]I stay detached and "by the book" - nothing ever needs to get personal.
[*]I prefer to be underestimated – I appear lazier and more bumbling than I am, ask questions that seem foolish but make perfect sense in hindsight, and otherwise set traps for those who contest me.
[*]Once a bad seed, always a bad seed - I am harshly judgmental of those who have erred even once.
[*]I am argumentative, seeing everything as a debate to be won and never letting a point of order go.
[*]I am deferential to authority more than rulings - those chosen through merit, tradition, or birth understand the intent of the law even if the letter must be bent a bit.
[*]I get emotionally involved in my client's defense - especially if I genuinely believe my client innocent.
[*]The Law. The Law is the Law. None are above the Law - least of all those who enforce it. "Fair and harsh" are my precepts – and I am harshest of all on myself. (Lawful)
[*]Punishment. Those who transgress - no matter how slightly - are guilty and must be punished. And, in the end, all are guilty. Examples - terrible, soul-searing examples - must be made. (Evil)
[*]Street Justice. The law coddles the wealthy and connected while oppressing the poor and powerless. Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands. (Chaotic)
[*]Rehabilitation. No one is beyond redemption. Protecting the righteous from the wicked is my duty, but leading the wicked to righteousness is my joy. (Good)
[*]Community. My community cannot hold unless its people are kept safe from threats in their midst. I do what must be done. (Any)
[*]The Truth. Shine a light on the darkness and let things fall as they may, without fear or favor. (Neutral)
[*]When I swear an oath to protect and serve a community, I keep that oath no matter what.
[*]A certain criminal has eluded me time and again. I will not rest until I bring this villain down.
[*]My family was murdered by criminals. I will avenge all in similar circumstances.
[*]Mysteries fascinate me, and I doggedly pursue their solution both for hire and for the sheer joy of it. Truth be known, I do it more for the joy of testing my wits than out of loyalty to a cause.
[*]Those who protect and serve are my brethren - harm one of mine and I will find you.
[*]If I believe an accused to be innocent, I will go to the ends of the earth to clear her name.
[*]I see conspiracies, collusion, and machinations everyfnordwhere.
[*]I have taken a significant bribe, and a certain crimelord knows it and can prove it.
[*]I came from the slums, and conflict between my oaths and my experience as a downtrodden youth still eats at me. Moreover, some among my birth community consider my profession a betrayal.
[*]I am obsessed with righting wrongs and tracking wrongdoers, to the exclusion of other, healthier interests.
[*]I am fascinated by the intellectual rigor of the perfect legal argument - and, though their ends may be foul, I have seen no more intricately crafted statutes than those of the Nine Hells.
[*]The law is a path to righteousness but also a path to power - and oh, how much better things would be if I had just a bit of power....
--- End quote ---

Great addition, thank you!


--- Quote from: RPGPundit;781593 ---Great addition, thank you!
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Thank you, sir!

Sometimes heroes come from the unlikliest of beginnings. I present to you:

Every community has it’s village idiot. In your home town, that happened to be you. You know what it feels like to be ridiculed and bullied and you hate to see it happen to other people.  You have learned how to hide and run from those looking to beat you because you are different.

Skill Proficiencies:  Athletics, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies:  Any artisan tool set or gaming set.

Feature: Just an Idiot
People tend to dismiss you and treat you like a small child. They may talk about things in your presence better left unsaid. After all, an idiot isn’t going to understand what they are talking about after all.

1.   I don’t like being bullied. I will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
2.   I may not be real smart, but I still have feelings.
3.   People call me an idiot because they just don’t understand me.
4.   Stupid is as stupid does. I will use my mind to best of my ability.
5.   People don’t like getting shown up by an idiot. I enjoy making that happen.
6.   I will show the world that even an idiot can make a huge difference.
1.   A promis is a promise. It is important to keep your word.  Truthfulness
2.   I will prove to everyone I have what it takes to get the job done. Resilience
3.   Everyone should work together for the good of society. Community
4.   Mean people need a good dose of their own medicine. Vengeance
5.   We all have something to offer. Our gifts may just be different. Tolerance
6.   Life is pretty random.  You have to make the best with what you got. Acceptance

1.   Good friends are hard to come by. Even I know that’s something you can’t just find around the corner.
2.   I will protect those I care about from any harm.
3.   I can relate to the downtrodden and abused. I will give them all the help that I can.
4.   What I am able to do I do very well. I will give every effort my best.
5.   I don’t give up on people, even when they have given up on themselves.
6.   I will get the respect that I have earned someday.

1.   I am not respected no matter what I do.
2.   I may not be that smart but nobody else seems to know that I have NEEDS too.
3.   I am an idiot. Maybe I should just do what everyone says. They know more than me right?
4.   I let the opinions of other affect me too much. It’s depressing.
5.   My ideas are never considered even when they are good.
6.   Yes I’m just a dummy. Say it again and I’ll knock your teeth out.

These are actually really good! I hope someone is compiling these into a pdf we can all download later...


--- Quote from: Larsdangly;782101 ---These are actually really good! I hope someone is compiling these into a pdf we can all download later...
--- End quote ---

That'd be great, but I'd rather wait until we have a couple of hundred of these!


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