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101 Planar Encounters

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I'm running a Planescape game now and thought it might be nice to brain storm some strange and unusual encounters for the planes here. Since my players just got through an adventure on Avernus I'll start there.

Post 'em if you got 'em.

1) River of Blood - On Avernus a river of blood courses through the plane. It runs wide and deep in many places and fords are few and far between. A closer inspection of the river reveals the faces of tormented souls in the foam.

2) The Pillar of Skulls - Skulls is really a misnomer, the pillar is made up of disembodied heads. Live heads, live talking heads. A number of races are represented here, all of them talking and arguing amongst each other. The Pillar can be a source of information. If the characters can get it to coorporate with them.

3) "Flower" the Advanced Otyugh: Will trade the party coin for crap literally.

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4) Court of Perfect Law, where the party is called to task for all the wrongs they have ever committed, whether a greater good resulted or not.

5) The Hag Market: Where anything - including the souls of the damned - is available for a price.

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6) The Arena, where outsiders of all alignments are pitted against each other while beings across the multiverse watch via scrying. The bets are enormous, and the battles outlandish. How many lantern archons can one Balor defeat before going down?


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