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Why D&D SJWs are Attacking Baldur's Gate

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I really didn't expect to be doing a video about baldurs gate 3 but here we are! Why? Because there's ttrpg / dnd SJWs who are trying to destroy it, and I want to go into how and why.

Well, I'd say it was a matter of time.

I'm kinda curious how it will end.
The bigger the title, the less there is to be gained by giving in to the perpetually offended as most people just don't care about their imaginary issues.

Error occurred on video playback?


--- Quote from: Hawkwing7423 on October 28, 2020, 07:59:38 PM ---Error occurred on video playback?

--- End quote ---

Strange. Is that still happening?

It's working now.


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