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Author Topic: How to handle A Pc whose the 1st member of her race to be encoutered  (Read 224 times)


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I've got a idea for A Star Frontiers Campaign in which 1 of the Pcs is the 1st member of her race to be encountered and it will be many years before more members of her race are met

How?, simple, when she was 7 weeks old her ship was attacked and destroyed but its crew got her safely into a escape pod before it blew up, a few hours later she was found by A Merchant Ship whose entire crew was human, they took her in, fed her, clothed her and changed her, they actually saved her life, but whe needs a home, luckily the ships 3rd officer had a son the same age that test showed she is, in case you'd forgot its 7 weeks, he took her in and adopted her

Skip just under 24 years later to when The 2 human, 1 Vrusk, 1 Drasalite and 1 adoptef alien from a race that before they found her had never been encountered have retired and have gotten a loan on a decent ship and are preparimg to start exploring the galaxy

Need I point out that because she's spend almost her entire life among humans, has been raised by humans, has lived among beings that know nothing of her race and all her friends and teachers are or were not of her race her education, personality, way of thinking, way of acting, her abilities to judge people and parts of her temperment are entirely human and she knows absolutely nothing about her own race

Her appearance is more human then Alien, the 6 main differences are that she's a lot taller then a human, she's a lot more powerfully build then a human, she has shimmeting white wings, her eye colour is a unnatural shade of green, her hair colour is a unnatural shade of pink and her skin is strong enough that even if she's naked it gives her the same protection as A Military Grade Skeinsuit

So what how should I handle it when the rest of her race come looking for her and find that she's merely the pilot on A Small Human Vessel, oh trust me they're going to be annoyed, why?, because she was their races crown princess and now she's its queen or she will be when they get her back home

Also how do you think her human brother by adoption, whose 1 of the 2 human Pcs, will react to the news that his adopted sister whose from a alien race they know nothing about and finding her was Star Fleets 1st encounter with her race is actually her races queen

Stat wise when rolling for her stats any rolls that come up either 34 or lower or a 81 or higher are rerolled

That means that all her stats will have a value of either 45, 50 or 55, and after you've determined her stats you roll 1D4 and whatever you roll gets added to all 4 stats

Her merits, all of which are derived from her race, are Allure, Alertness, keen eyesight and precise memory and her flaws, all of which are also derived from her race, are curiosity, easily distrscted, gentle heart and lucid dreaming

I will say that even though she's a complete enigma the quality of her escape pod and of the clothes and baby toys that were in her escape pod make it obvious that her families both wealthy and powerful, which is why her initial rep is 9, which means that a typical Npc reaction is faking congeniality
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