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I have been trying to find the time to get more involved in 40K.  I bought the box set of rules and the Dark Vengeance starter set  a few years have GW release a new edition of rules and it sort of rubbed me the wrong way.  But recently, I looked around the net a bit more because I was noticing release after release of what looked to be (and are, I bought a few) interesting takes on board game and skirmish game versions of 40k.   It seems they are under new management, and people felt the 8th edition was a good idea and made the game better.   So I guess my question is, what to the long timers think of the newer game?  How about all the new releases?

Rules are fine.  I don't play competitively.  Massive amount of new players and new releases means the secondary market is really good.  Loads of used stuff available.  Friend just scored 50 minis for $40 on Craigslist.

I'm playing on Saturday.  My Inquisitor, acolytes and true scale marines are all converted from used parts:

Chivalric, those look awesome! Kudos on the scaling!

Oggsmash, to be gnashing ones teeth is the surest sign of a GW fan. Yes, I know we're all supposed to be praising the new Messiah CEO, but I've been a 40k player since Rogue Trader came out. I only buy on the secondary market, in fact I don't paint or assemble, so I buy fully painted minis with good paint jobs for the same price as if I bought an unassembled box.

As for the new rules? Meh, they seem fine. Nothing notably good or bad jumped out at me while playing demos of the new edition.

8th edition is a fine rule set as far as 40k goes, and Kill Team is a pretty decent skirmish game. The new models in the Blackstone Fortress game are brilliant.

Personally though, I'm sort of over GW. The edition treadmill drives me nuts, and the hobby is designed to be a massive money sink. I play 8th and KT, but I'm really enjoying playing with other rule sets, primarily Nordic Weasel Games "Renegade Scout" which is sort of a retroclone of Rogue Trader but cleaned up and smoothed out. Renegade Scout also happens to have info on how to convert unit profiles from each edition of 40k to it. I've also been playing some smaller (3-5 models per side) games of Laserburn which was the predecessor to 40k, though a very different system.

It's kind of freeing to be out of the GW thing. I buy my models where I want which opens up tons of new options as there is lots of great 28mm sci fi out there, and I'm not worried about which codex is broken this edition and what the incessant player base bitching has gotten changed in the latest FAQ.


--- Quote from: Arkansan;1066530 ---I've also been playing some smaller (3-5 models per side) games of Laserburn which was the predecessor to 40k, though a very different system.
--- End quote ---

Love to hear your thoughts on Laserburn!


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