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I sat out 8th, but I've pulled the trigger on getting into 9th when it comes out. I've decided on the Sisters of Battle for my new army.
I've got the 8th edition Codex en route, and just ordered my first Cannones HQ. I'm planning to assemble and paint one box worth of unit(s) per week.

Once upon a time, I would have collected an army and have it collecting dust in between maybe one or two games a year, but I'll be looking into the local game stores and clubs to find a regular group.

I don't get heartburn over new editions, either. I get some of the distress - bought a rulebook

GW's corporate wimps couldn't turn on the YouTube comments. Lame.


--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1131841 ---GW's corporate wimps couldn't turn on the YouTube comments. Lame.
--- End quote ---

Why give a platform to those who have nothing constructive to say? They'll say it anyway, elsewhere.

Because it reeks of corporate cowardice. Even though the Like/Dislike ratio is hugely supportive for them, they are too gutless to risk any criticism because they have CHOSEN to not trust the huge number of Likes would translate into support. AKA, they don't trust their fans to support them. That's pathetic.


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