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Author Topic: Warcraft 3 Review  (Read 507 times)


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Warcraft 3 Review
« on: August 27, 2006, 06:21:04 AM »
A short review of Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos that I wrote a few months ago.
Sorry for the sintaxis, but I tend to write this sort of things very late at night, when my brain is not working the way it should.:p

 The Best RTS of 2002, and still fighting for 1st place.
Wow, where should I begin?
Well graphics are excellent, sound it's awesome, especially the music, highly immersive, mostly at the end of the game in the final battle, gameplay is extraordinarly easy, and when combining mouse and keyboard you'll get to play at an extremely fast and enjoyable pace. The only flaw (little one) I could encounter concerning gameplay is the fact that when you turn the camera you can only do it by 180ยบ, and it doesn't lock there it goes back to original possition, but as I already said it's a minor flaw.
But the best of this extraordinary game are not the graphics, nor the sound, neither the gameplay, it's the STORY, and what a story, better than most RPG games stories, in fact I liked the story of this game so much that after playing it I managed to get all Warcraft RPG books; well continuing with the story matter, one of the best things about the story is that you get to not only to see all the views of it, but you actually live all the different views, I mean you play the Human part of the story, you play the undead part, the Orc part, and the Night Elf part, and by when the game is over you find that you were part of every single part of this magnificent story, even the "evil" ones.
So I say that this is the best Epic RTS to be released in a lot of years, (at least untill the next Blizzard RTS production).
So if you're thinking on buying this game, think no more...BUY IT!!!