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--- Quote from: zircher on May 19, 2022, 10:59:32 PM ---Still playing Warframe from time to time, but I have cut way done.  Over a thousand hour in and I still play a lot of Approaching Infinity (sci-fi rogue like.) 

Just picked up Solar Ash since it was on sale, don't know if I'm going to hate it or love it.

--- End quote ---
Solar Ash, love the art, love the story, can't play it even on its easiest settings.  Sigh.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. I like it, although I'm a bit disappointed by the insufficient integration of strategic and RPG elements.

Mostly Elder Scrolls online atm.
Not much else, as I'm running a few Tabletop RPGs atm (online via Discord/Roll20), so that's taking up more of my time.

I wrapped up The Outer Worlds on the Switch. It was a fun ride, but if I ever want to play the game again, I'll do it on PS4. The Switch version of the game just looks terrible, and I can get a complete version of the game on PS4 for what the expansions would cost me on Switch.

I wouldn't say that I'm experiencing buyer's remorse over buying the Switch, but it's close. I'll be a lot happier if and when they release Advance Wars.

I'm playing the original version of Metal Max Xeno on the PS4. Not the neutered "remastered" version. It's a unique game, but not a AAA title. I like it, but I get the impression it's going to be a fairly short ride.

I've preordered the new Saints Row on PS4, and the Boss Factory app just dropped for it. That's basically the character generation section of the game, packaged as a standalone freebie. I spent an hour or so last night working on my Mick Jagger boss. Too bad they don't have a male English voice this time around.

Do not, do not, do not waste your money on the new Saints Row. It is flat out broken.

I wasn't able to complete the introductory adventure because I couldn't pick up an item. Then when I saved, so that I wouldn't lose an hour's worth of agonizing progress that I achieved without a working targeting reticle, and restarted, I was back at the start of the level.

I kind of like what I see in the game, would have been nice if I could actually play that game.

This is definitely a Cyberpunk 2077 type situation, where the game was just cynically released in an unready state.

I would say circle back around in a year and see if the game is in beta yet. Because what's there now is alpha code.


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