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Wrath of God:
Football Manager 2015
Darkest Dungeon
Deus Ex

Spending a lot of time lately in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

It's a looter shooter set in the United States after a biological weapon attack in NYC destroys the world, which is kind of funny in the time of the COVID plague.

The main play areas are Washington DC and Manhattan (or, the post apocalyptic ruins of those locations).

It's pretty woke, though. The heroic characters definitely have a quota. The main bad guy is a white Caucasian man. Many of the boss fights are against a diverse cast of mostly African Americans or Native Americans, with the occasional Latinx boss. Many of the peon enemies are white.

Having fun with an offensive shield build (using the named holster, Forge, to buff my shield, along with the exotic, Memento).

I'm messing around with a MacOs version of Marathon. Clunky and fun!

Banjo Destructo:

--- Quote from: soundchaser on June 06, 2022, 12:38:03 PM ---I'm messing around with a MacOs version of Marathon. Clunky and fun!

--- End quote ---
Did you just see the review on MandaloreGaming? I had forgotten about this game until I saw that review recently. I had the demo back in the day on my mac.

Good ol Games had a sale up for Wizards Crown for 3$ so grabbed a copy as it is the predecessor to the D&D games SSI made. You can see the elements that carried over quite clearly too.

The sort of free-form class system is interesting. The higher a created characters INT score, the more points they have to buy classes. Quite possible to have a Sorcerer Priest, a Fighter Ranger Thief, etc. Combat is brutal and if go tactical mode it can take forever to finish one combat.

Controls are really simplistic yet cumbersome. But you get used to it eventually. Grind-o-rama though.

Oddly the GoG version does not come with the manual. Which you kinda need for the random copy protection questions.


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