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The Stage Of The Puppet Master puppet simulator



The Stage Of The Puppet Master a true RPG we all remember

Remembering my childhood and summer holidays where the puppet shows entertained us, I decided to simulate string puppets on a computer. Also it had to simulate skill from practice like real puppetry. I wanted it to be casual pickup and play. and I wanted it to be great for young creators.  You can use screen capture software to record the stage area of the screen and add sound allowing you to make a show. It works on any windows PC

You use the mouse to control the puppets and it takes practice, so dont think you will be making a show straight away , but it is easy and fun, you can also use the special buttons and dummy control for precise control. its like the first RPG you ever saw or did as a child. Now you can put on a show yourself

The game is really badly done, it doesn't really make you want to play it.

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