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Tabletop Simulator go against moderation rules to after LBGTQ complaints

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To start with a declaration of bias - I can't stand Tabletop Simulator. In my review of it on Steam, I confidently declared it to be the worst possible way to play board games and I stand by that.

However, it is the only way to play certain boardgames online, so I'm somewhat sad to see that they have been browbeaten into abandoning apolitical and game-focused moderation rules in favor of pandering to people of different gender identities and sexualities. I don't know if this would get them onto the yellow or the red section of the theoretical "therpgsite woke list for digital games", but I'm personally disinclined to carry on giving them my patronage as they are clearly not a no-politics zone any more.

Read the article and make your own minds up, of course.

It is often very difficult to get the full story, even if you were there.
What they implement from here will be more telling.
Check back in a few months and see where they settled.

Banjo Destructo:
my initial thoughts are that TTS had it right in the first place, GBQ(gay, bisexual, queer, all the other letters are meaningless because Lesbian is just Gay women, and Trans people are also Queer by definition)  people aren't family friendly and shouldn't be open for discussion in places that are trying to maintain a family friendly environment.

In the right hands TTS is actually an outstanding system and I've seen some pretty good recreations of board games on it.

Problem is more than a few folk do not  put in the effort. Or the systems more obtuse elements cause them to do a less than stellar job.

Ive tried tinkering with it a few times and still am not sure why some things do what they do, or dont.

Gog to Magog:
This is a perfect example of what lying, disingenuous disgusting scumbags these people are.

The user was banned for talking about 'dirty boy buttholes' (yes, exact terms) not for anything about their 'identity' unless their sexual identity is explicitly being a piece of human garbage (which, let's be honest, is what they are anyway)


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