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Shards of intinity core game


Shards of infinity by ultra pro entertainment is a combat card game for 2-4 players.

The game has a scifi theme with nice art and capsule descriptions of 4 factions, none if which matters in the core game.  All players can recruit from any of tge factions.

Gameplay is quick even with 4 players. Play order matters. The first Player gets 0 mastery. Each player after the first gets bonus mastery points equal to their starting order -1. Mastery plays a role in the game so the first turn is to be determined randomly, with plqy going clockwise after that.

In many ways it's a quickpay combat caed game, the main point  is that it's cheap, and serves as a starting point as there are 3 expansions currently available. One makes factions matter. One allows Co op play against a common eneny and one allows solitaire play.

Production values are pretty high given the cost, rules are clear and it's not a big investment to get into. Go for it.

I don't know this game, it looks fun.


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