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Roadwarden - an RPG / Visual Novel / Text Adventure fantasy hybrid

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Greetings! I'm new here and I'm working on an unusual video game of mine!

Everyone knows to stay away from the wilderness. Most people would never risk a lonely journey.

Roadwardens not only accept this struggle, they embrace it. They deliver messages, assist merchants, burn human corpses and, if possible, get rid of beasts and highwaymen.

They live on the road, die young or retire early.

It's a dangerous job, but a respectable one. And it pays well.

Main Features:
[*]Explore and change the world. Travel through a detailed fantasy setting filled with secrets, challenges and uniquely harsh lore.
[*]Have immersive conversations. To gain support of dozens of NPCs, you need to earn their trust during complex dialogues and sidequests.
[*]Create your own character through role-playing and decisions. Shape your background, abilities, beliefs and personality.
[*]Unveil the local mysteries. Investigate, use your wit and make connections to understand the true nature of this realm.
[*]Overcome your weaknesses. The wilderness is full of dangers and you can trust nobody. Find your path to success against all odds.

You can find more information as well as the free demo on the game's website!

So, what do you think? Will that be fine if I post here future updates? : )

I love it when a game slowly moves from place holders to the actual graphics. Here you can see the first part of the game's map - the large objects are icons allowing you to select the area you want to visit. Heavily inspired by Baldur's Gate. ; )

If you think it can still look better, I'll be happy to see your feedback!

Very interesting. Looking forward to hear more.

Tell us about...burning human corpses? Is that religious or protection vs. undead?

I am definitely interested in learning about the non-combat adventures, but I do want to murder monsters and bandits. fun.

What's the magic level? How supernatural is the setting? Does the Roadwarden cast spells?

Also, is it a Solo RPG? Or does your Roadwarden gain NPC allies?

And real time? Or turn based? Designed for mobile?

--- Quote ---The wilderness is full of dangers and you can trust nobody.
--- End quote ---

This is the only thing I found odd. Even in Warhammer, the Roadwarden is "wandering civilization" and thus sought out by "good" people living away from town. While its possible some farmers, trappers and traders might turn out to cannibal cultists out of a Rob Zombie flick, there should be trustworthy people for the Roadwarden to encounter, or even via their background, to believe are trustworthy from the get-go.

Hi there, Spinachcat!

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---Is that religious or protection vs. undead?
--- End quote ---

It's both! In Viaticum, the game's setting, becoming an undead is a part of the natural cycle. When a human dies, their body becomes an empty shell for the next, artificial soul. Sometimes this "soul" is created by necromancers, but it's not the only or even the most common option. The magical power is extremely present in fogs, and whenever a fog covers a human corpse, it rises. At first it's not a huge danger, but with every fog and every human it kills, it becomes stronger and capable of more human-like functions. Such as making use of tools, comprehending its surroundings and so on.

And just like in the real world most religions encourage to keep the dead bodies away to keep humans safe from the multitude of diseases and scavengers, in Viaticum the most influential religions introduce obligatory cremation.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 fun.
--- End quote ---

I'm sure it can be in the safe environment of video games where nobody gets hurt, but I'm kind of bored of solving all problems through threats and violence. Have you ever played Pillars of Eternity? I like this game a lot, but there's this hilarious quest where you arrive to a village of maybe 40 people, and it turns out there's a dark cult hidden under the ground... Which also includes about 40-50 or more people. And you murder all of them in cold blood just to complete a side quest.

I kind of hate it. : P I'd love to see more RPGs where the violence is a part of the world and is seen as an impactful action, and not the source of entertainment kept away from the actual plot. I don't want the player to kill 25 packs of wolves for no reason at all. But finishing off a single pack that has a cool story behind it and is harassing the village in interesting ways? Now that's what I'm looking for. : P

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---What's the magic level? How supernatural is the setting? Does the Roadwarden cast spells?
--- End quote ---

One of the three classes you can choose from (Warrior, Mage, Scholar) involves low-power spells, such as healing fresh wounds or making artificial light.

I'd say the setting doesn't have a lot of extremely powerful sorcerers in it, but the magic is rather common - just not very advanced. Very few people can never learn how to cast spells - most people can, though they don't have real talent and develop only very simple spells during their lifetime, such as making sparks when they want to lit a fire.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---Also, is it a Solo RPG? Or does your Roadwarden gain NPC allies?
--- End quote ---

I'm open to make some changes if I decide later on that it has value for the story or makes things more interesting, but I currently expect it to be a solo adventure. Gathering allies is crucial for you, but you don't gather a team.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---And real time? Or turn based?
--- End quote ---

Definitely turn-based, though turns are kind of hidden.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---Designed for mobile?
--- End quote ---

I currently develop for Windows - if the game turns out to be a success, I'll be happy to work on some mobile ports.

--- Quote from: Spinachcat;1087367 ---there should be trustworthy people for the Roadwarden to encounter, or even via their background, to believe are trustworthy from the get-go.
--- End quote ---

It's a fair statement, but in this case the PC enters a completely unfamiliar territory. A peninsula that for decades had pretty much no relationships with the closest city (which is a couple of days of dangerous journey away) and doesn't really want to give up its current semi-independent position. I'd say - by being a roadwarden, it's very easy for you to gather people's trust, at least to a point. But you shouldn't expect that everything you hear is honest. People are going to tell you as much as they need to make a good use of you. ; )

If there's anything else that comes to your mind, go ahead! I'm glad I caught your interest.

Hello, hello!

It was a busy week and I think I should start writing devlogs about the game's development, highlighting new features and the general progress. I'd like to share the first post like this starting next week. : )

The coolest part of this week, however, was working on the new picture for the game. Do you remember my castle-tavern? I wanted to draw its interiors. The first attempt, which displays the exteriors as well, was a failure. It doesn't allow to show that many details and limits the scope of furniture while also ruining the proportions, even if I'd add buttons allowing to hide and show specific floors.

But the new one feels great to me. For me, it feels cozy. It feels like I can't help but imagine all the stories that started (or ended) here.

What do you think? Do you like it?


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