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Well, as said on the title.
I'll post one per week, full reviews for you RPG lovers.
And without further waiting, here's the first on what I hope will be a long list.

This was the best Pc Rpg of all times untill it was beaten to dust by it's sequel, wich by the way it's still the King of pc rpg's (I don't care what you say Neverwinter Nights is not better that BG2).
It was the First of 8 games builted using the Infinity Engine (with minor upgrades) Being Ice Wind Dale II the last.
The sound was really good, and the music did a great job at inmersing you into the game.
As for the gameplay, there's not much to say, it's actually quite easy, with a lot of options and menues you can access using the mouse, or the keyboard. And you don't even have to know a damn thing about D&D to play it.
The game presented an outstanding story that got better by the end of the game, and in the same way continued to improve on the sequel till it became one of the most memorable (If not the most) stories ever on a Pc Game.
From Bioware site: Baldur's Gate Story

A glimpse to the look of the Infinity Engine:

More pics here.

Baldur's Gate Reviews
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    * Adrenaline Vault - 5/5 (Seal of Excellence)
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    * Game Fan - 98/100
    * GameSpot UK - 9.5/10
    * IGNPC - 9.4/10
    * GameSpot - 9.2/10
    * Game Revolution - A grade
"Baldur's Gate largely manages to meet, and even surpass, gamers' high expectations for this ambitious game." GameSpot.

Read the awards Baldur's Gate won!

And that's why this is a Game every Roleplayer Must own.
Well, hope you've enjoyed it.

Fallout is much, much better than BG.


--- Quote from: Settembrini ---Fallout is much, much better than BG.
--- End quote ---

I agree that Fallout is a Great game, with capital G, but I'm not sure if I agree with you about it being better than BG.
Maybe I'm being a bit subjective, and let myself carry away by my BG fanatism.

Stickied with the promise that its going to be a regular feature!


Nice read UmaSama. I never got the chance to play BG, so it was nice to read more about it.

It may be nostalgia coloring my vision, but I have to nominate the first two gold box games for SSI's Forgotten Realms series. Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds were awesome classic-style AD&D games with a fun story attached.


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