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Paul Arden Lindberg of Team Frog Has Died

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David Johansen:
Apparently of heart failure.  There's a thread about it on tbp.

He's the designer of the Critter Commandos miniatures game, Critter Tech, $tarcorp$ miniatures game, The Duel rpg, and perhaps most infamously, d20 Foundation A World In Black and White.  Which may have been the very lowest point in the d20 glut.

I've always admired his plucky little company even though it was pretty hard to get here in Canada and honestly given the on and off again nature of the business and the website.

I do have his $tarcorp$ rules and I'll admit "Fed Ex Rangers, when it absolutely positively has to be blown up overnight!" is one of my favorite lines from anything ever.  It's a neat little game with a fun sense of humor.  It sounds like he floundered a bit in later years.  I don't know what he did for a living, it seems unlikely that his gaming work could have made a living.  Still it makes me sad to know he's gone.

Ah geez. While I didn't follow his stuff, I thought CritterTech was a hilarious parody of the Battletech system.

My condolences to his family.

I was just in the process of posting about this in the CC forum over on BGG.

I knew and worked with several of the artists for the various games over the years. And I got from him way back a fairly extensive set of their plastic CC minis at GenCon. Did not know he ran for a time Wargames West. I got ALOT of games via them way back. Also did not realize he designed at least one board game for the Buck Rogers comic and one for the Agent 13 comic. Possibly more.

I have Critter Commandos, Critter Tech, and Star Corps. And the aforementioned minis.

Also another loss in gaming Lloyd Krassner if WarpSpawn and WatpQuest games passed away. He created dozens upon dozens of pnp/build it board games.

Historical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Books, Cartoons, TV, Movies and many many more themes he covered in his games.

David Johansen:
I'm afraid we'll lose a lot of the older small fish over the coming years and many will never receive so much as a "what ever happened to?"


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