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So what ya using?

Got Adventurers (lots of misc tweaks, including Guild Storage, very handy)

A new way of leveling, basically your stats improve in realtime as your skills improve and after 10 stat increases your level goes up.

One which removes all the town fast travel markers so you can still fast travel, but are forced to find the town first.

No Pyschic Guards, bloody bastards where just a little too effecient

Then an all eyes mod and an no vamp face for cosmetics.

Lastly a quickstart mod so that I don't have to go through the tutorial every time

I'm not using any mods right now, just enjoying the game as is.

Xavier Lang:
I may play with some mods after I have finished the game once the normal way but I want to play it as is for now.

To each their own though I'd recommend some of the cosmetic mods then, like natural Faces

Ottomsoh the Elderly:
One of the first I downloaded was to make the game time scale real time (a day lasting 24 hours instead of 40 minutes).


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