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Author Topic: North Cape - Naval Miniatures Board Game  (Read 1097 times)

Secrets of Blackmoor

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North Cape - Naval Miniatures Board Game
« on: September 04, 2021, 04:17:11 PM »
For those who like naval board games and miniatures we're doing a unique sort of KickStarter.

If you've seen the film Greyhound, you've seen the kind WWII naval action this game represents, although North Cape is focused on surface action between famous capitol ships of the era.

We actually watched the movie as part of our research for this Kickstarter.

We unearthed a trove of vintage games in the warehouse of CinC Precision Casting. These games were all printed in 1978. Due to unforeseen circumstances only around 1600 were sold. The rest languished in the boxes they were packed in after being printed.

Of the entire print run of 3000 less than 600 remain in near new condition and ready to be distributed.

You can ask yourself: If 1600 sold, how many copies remain today? And if  only 600 are available for sale now how hard is this ti find? How rare is this?

The game is North Cape By Lonnie Gill. Lonnie is a very well known game designer and North Cape is a very early design by him.

More here:,rules%20among%20members%20of%20the%20Naval%20Wargames%20Society%29.

What makes the game more interesting is that it combines a board game with historically accurate lead miniatures of Allied and Axis ships from WWII. Thus it is one of the first, if not the first, hybrid of the two play types.

-The ship models are cast using original masters and fresh molds of the 1978 designs in 1/4800 scale.

-The game has been unavailable for 44 years.

-These are New Old Stock and truly vintage.

-You can also purchase what you want and create your own set.

-The missing game boards are being reproduced to complete the games

-Both New and/or Vintage 1978 dice sets are available.

-Lonnie Gill has created an Expansion Scenario PDF that utilizes all the expansion ship model sets, 7 total boxes of ships. (36 Allied, 24 Axis, 12 cargo and tankers, 1 troop ship.)

I am told by those who own copies that it is an ideal starter game for anyone interested in trying Naval War Gaming.

This is your chance to own a scarce vintage copy of a classic game.

You can find out more on Kickstarter: