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Name Lips:
I don't think you need to download Pitboss to join in the game.

This game is for experimentation purposes. You can play seriously and try to win if you want. It doesn't matter. I'm mainly trying to get a feel for Pitboss and see how/if it works.

This game is set on a Normal sized world, Ancient era, at Quick time.

There are 7 available civs. You can claim your civ on a first-come-first-serve basis: Victoria, Gandhi, Alexander, Hatshepsut, Julius Caesar, and Qin Shi Huang. When you join the game you'll be asked to pick one of the civs, and to put in a password so only you can play it. Do this.

You can find the game by starting up Civ4 and selecting Multiplayer -> Internet. You'll need to log in with your Gamespy ID. Scroll down the list of games until you see "Name Lips' Test Game." The password to join this game is "NKL"

The game is set so that one turn occurs every hour. I realize this isn't practical at all, and when we play a game for real, it'll be set much slower, maybe even 1 turn every 24 hours. The deal is, or so I hear, that you have 1 hour to make your move. If you don't make your move in that hour, the game will progress to the next turn. It will function exactly as if you had ended your turn without doing anything, just clicking the "end turn" button.

So, one turn will pass every hour, regardless of player activity. The turns are simultaneous, so you don't have to wait in line to take your turn. Just show up any time during the hour and you can manage your civ.

Go to it, and post your experiences here. I have no idea how well this works.

Name Lips:
Note that I could have turned AIs on, so that it would be just me against 6 AIs when the game started. Then any of you could have joined the game and taken over one of the AI civilizations.

That would have solved the problem I just noticed, where I have built a city and started exploring, and all the other civs are just standing there doing nothing. By the time any of you join in (24 minutes left in turn 1 as I type this) you'll be behind me.

Having issues connecting, do I need Xfire installed as well?

Name Lips:
xfire should not be necessary. I don't have it installed myself.

Can you see the game?

Name Lips:
I just had trouble joining myself, as the civ I already claimed (Chinese). Odd. I'm saving the game, closing it, and starting it up again.


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