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Author Topic: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition  (Read 3413 times)


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Re: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition
« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2021, 11:40:03 PM »
This game will not be suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, I want to stress: this game is one of a kind. It's almost the only RPG that offers to create its own RPG campaigns, playable solo / multi with or without a game master.

Aside from the multi-player part... FRUA(Unlimited Adventures) for the gold box D&D SSI series of PC games does all that. Within the limitations of what you can pull off with the system.

And hilariously. The engine became the core of the original Neverwinter Nights MMO from AOL, so in a round about way it did become multiplayer. The FRUA crew of which I was a part of for years even converted NWN into a playable FRUA module. And theres a huge number of D&D modules converted into FRUA now over on the Magic Mirror. On top of that theres a conversion mod to make Gamma World adventures on FRA. I did a bunch of sprites for it.

The new Neverwinter though is a pretty solid system and even saw someone do things like a Spelljammer mod and someone else had a Firefly mod way back.