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FYI, Tiny Wars is on sale on Steam now for half price (April 2, 2021).

TINY METAL is much too easy the game is cool with potenciel but advence wars 2 proposed more functionality and more strategy.

Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox

This Guy:
i wanna say Battle for Wesnoth might be up OP's alley

If you have any interest in a tabletop version of Advance Wars, might I suggest this one:

Fan-made, yes.  Self-print, yes, though I did get with the maker to get a pre-done copy.  But still, it is Advance Wars tabletop.

A Metal Slug: Tactics game was just announced at E3. It looks kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics but in a modern day setting. That could be cool, especially if, unlike Final Fantasy Tactics, the game is actually fun.

Is it wrong that I find the isometric gameplay footage far more intriguing than the boobs-n-guns anime trailer?

(In other news, E3 happened this year, and I totally missed it.)


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