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Author Topic: Odyssy Classic  (Read 358 times)


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Odyssy Classic
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:18:39 AM »
Odyssey Classic
First off the game i would like to advertise is called Odyssey Classic.
The website for this game is

The game is based on Leveling up 1-60(easy to level). Lots of quests for gear(Helmets, Armors, Weapons, Shields and Rings/Necklaces.
This is not a browser game you can actually run around on your character and do whatever you want, even if that's just hanging out and having a good time, but the real fun is when you get to level 60 and join a guild and fight along side your friends to fight other guilds. 'Pking' Player Killing.
Their are many different classes to choose from, Knights(more hp), Rogues can go (invisible), Clerics(can heal themselves and others). This is only a few of the classes there are, These classes also have spells that damage other players for pking. There is Health(your healthpoints), energy (your points for how long you can run for and or skill with) and mana (your magic points for casting spells).Game has a built in chatroom so you can play and talk with friends(/b broadcasts to the entire server)/t playername messages players in private./y (yells to the maps around you and the one your on). There are banks to store your items and gold in, shops to buy and sell items, blacksmith shops to repair damaged items the list go's on and on. The three skills atm are Fishing, Mining and Lumber jacking to make money. You can also run around with a crossbow/bow and shoot at enemies if you prefer that over a sword or mace. There is a duel arena for fun fighting to practice or a stake arena for staking gold/items if you get good. There is no disadvantage with stats because there is a limit on levels, this means once you get to level 60 and just because a player has played for 5 years or longer doesn't mean he will beat you because of the way the games made, anyone can try it and you never know you could be the next odyssey king. There is also Tournaments held if you choose to try and beat the pro's. Hosted by god's winner recieve items or gold. God's are the moderators of the game they are always active, and keep the updates coming all the time. Seriously try this game

All and all this is a awesome game and i wish you would all come and try it out. I rank it 10/10    ((It wont be disappointing))