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Author Topic: [TCG] Devil Maker:Tokyo – A one-of-a-kind Card Battle RPG for Android and iOS  (Read 1568 times)

Rinoa Jang

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Dear all,

I am very glad to present you our TCG title named Devil Maker:Tokyo – A one-of-a-kind Card Battle RPG for Android and iOS.

Everybody can join and make a deal with fantastic devils in Devil Maker:Tokyo - an anime-inspired role-playing card battle adventure for iOS and Android. With Devil Maker, players will discover traditional turn-based CCG gameplay full of eye-catching artwork combined with missions and adventure for an unprecedented video gaming experience on mobile devices – which will make you addicted to the game.
In Devil Maker, users can make a deal with devils and discover:
•   Deep and dark dungeons full of wicked devils – Joining forces with the good devils, players must fight the bad devils roaming the streets of Tokyo. Each move is determined by the players’ choice among three cards, which can be rewarding or perilous.
•   More than 500 cards featuring colorful anime style artwork – Players fight with a deck of six cards, which can be arranged from a pool of more than 500 eye-catching cards. As players level up, they can also enhance their cards using the game’s unique upgrade systems – merging, skill transfer, re-contract and evolution.
•   Exciting Competition – Players can compete against each other in the Arena, or in Crystal of the Abyss, an exploration challenge where they compete to travel the longest distance. They also can help each other out when fighting the Core of Darkness or boss devils.

The game has received a very positive response:
- The game has received 4.25 on Google Market and 4.5 on the App Store with loads of great comments,
- Fans’ activities are quite energetic. 15 self-created communities (7 on Facebook, 8 Forums) with members having very active game discussions.

Added, The first big update for Devil Maker will be on 08.22 (PDT)!

What's New:
1. Rank 6 cards will be added to the game.
2. New dungeon, Chaos Sphere, will be opened. The Chaos Sphere is a new Explore area featuring Rank 6 bosses, special attribute dungeons and more!
3. Evolution system will be upgraded. The Evolve system will be updated to allow Evolution of Rank 5 cards to Rank 6 cards.

We prepared lots of exciting events for the update, it would be great if you have any time to visit our official facebook page:

Added, a big - EXCLUSIVE Global version - update will be coming one week after, so please keep eyes on Devil Maker: Tokyo and enjoy the game!