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Author Topic: mmoRPG | Freya 10x | L2Vanir  (Read 13 times)


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mmoRPG | Freya 10x | L2Vanir
« on: November 19, 2014, 07:25:26 AM »
Hey fokes, I'm currently playing here at L2Vanir, and I really need someone to play with me in this fascinating game :D

yeah, it is free to play. It also has donation system but it is only limited, therefore this game is NOT PAY TO WIN. equality is served :)

Here are some info(s) check these out:

L2Vanir, your Lineage II server

L2Vanir is a community which was created recently, however, we are backed by an experienced team in server administration and programming that will ensure a stable, uninterrupted, fun and fair gaming experience.We value your time and effort invested on the community and that is why we follow a strict no-reset policy and are proud to ensure the continuity of our service indefinitely.


  • XP/SP : 10x   
  • Party XP/SP: 1.5x   
  • Drop: 10x   
  • Adena: 10x   
  • Raid Drop: 7x (Epic jewellery lowered up to 1 jewel per boss)   
  • Spoil: 10x   
  • Manor Drop: 5x   
  • Quest Drop: 5x   
  • Quest Adena: 5x   
  • Quest XP/SP: 10x   
  • MP Herbs: 10x         
  • Hellbound stage: 11
  • Safe Enchant:  +3   
  • Safe Enchant Full Body: +4   
  • Max Enchant: +16   
  • Enchant Scroll Chance: 66%   
  • Blessed Enchant Scroll Chance: 66%
General Features:
  • Freya Chronicle   
  • 1h Buffs duration (Basic buffs)   
  • 24 Max Buffs (28 with books)   
  • 12 Max Dances   
  • 80 Subclass max level   
  • Auto Loot   
  • Class Master   
  • Blacksmith of Mammon   
  • Champion system
  • Wedding system
  • TvT Events
  • Event Rewards
  • Event Medals forever
  • Retail Skill Learning
  • Basic equipment shop up to S
  • Sweeper Festival Skill (H5)
  • NPC Scheme Buffer (Basic buffs)
  • Community including clan notice working
  • Possibility to delete level 1 characters without delays
  • Crystal leveling rate increased (more info)
  • Donation rewards are limited to keep the balance on the server
Quests and instances:
  • All Pailaka instances
  • Seven Signs Quests
  • Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  • Chamber of Delusion
  • Seed of Destruction
  • Seed of Infinity
  • Hellbound fully implemented
  • Nevit's Hourglass working
  • Zaken DayTime and NightTime
  • Valakas
  • Frintezza
  • Freya Easy and Hard
  • And many more other normal quests
Be part of L2Vanir community!
Many hours of entertainment await to all who decide to join us. Come on! Join our server! We are waiting for you   :)